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yellow flush pushbutton head Ø22 push-push unmarked

Shape of signaling unit head
Type of operator
Operator profile
Yellow flush unmarked
Range of product
Harmony XB4
Product or component type
Head for non-illuminated push-button
Device short name
Bezel material
Chromium plated metal
Mounting diameter
22 mm
Sale per indivisible quantity
Head type
CAD overall width
29 mm
CAD overall height
29 mm
CAD overall depth
28 mm
Mechanical durability
2000000 cycles
Electrical composition code
C15 for 1 contacts using single blocks in front mounting

C11 for 3 contacts using single blocks in front mounting

C9 for 3 contacts using single blocks in front mounting
Protective treatment
Ambient air temperature for storage
-40...70 °C
Ambient air temperature for operation
-40...70 °C
Overvoltage category
Class I conforming to IEC 60536
IP degree of protection


IP66 conforming to IEC 60529

NEMA degree of protection

IK degree of protection
IK06 conforming to IEC 50102
EN/IEC 60947-1

EN/IEC 60947-5-1

EN/IEC 60947-5-4

EN/IEC 60947-5-5

JIS C 4520

UL 508

CSA C22.2 No 14
Product certifications




LROS (Lloyds register of shipping)


UL listed
Vibration resistance
5 gn (f = 2...500 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6
Shock resistance
30 gn (duration = 18 ms) for half sine wave acceleration conforming to IEC 60068-2-27

50 gn (duration = 11 ms) for half sine wave acceleration conforming to IEC 60068-2-27
Contractual warranty
Warranty period
18 months 18 months
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Video: How is the way to fit the Harmony flush kit metal-XB4 ?

    There is no answer for this question.

  • What are the degrees of protection (IP) of the Harmony XB4 and XB5 control and signaling units?

    The pushbuttons and LEDs are IP66  The selector switches are IP69K.  The IP rating can be improved by adding covers, which increases the protection index to IP69K.   Push button single boots ZBP Double-Heared push button boots ZBW or ZBA7 Mushroom headed Buttons ZBZ
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  • What are the part numbers of the BA9S type bulbs for XB4/XB5 pushbutton controls?

    For Harmony XB4/XB5 22 diameter control and signalling units, whether: LED lamps, incandescent lamps, neon lamps, there are part numbers with BA9s base fitting:
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  • What is the IP rating for 22mm Push Buttons XB4 and XB5?

    Issue: Clarify the 22mm operator IP rating Product Line: Harmony XB4/XB5 22mm push button Environment: US Product Cause: Product Specification Resolution: As of 2017, all of the XB4 and XB5 push buttons are rated IP66, IP67, IP69, and IP69K
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  • Why did zb4bs84430 replace zb4bs5430

    Issue: Difference between trigger action and non-trigger action pushbuttons Product Line: Harmony XB4/XB5 Environment: US product Cause: What is the difference in size and actuation of trigger action pushbuttons Resolution: Trigger action pushbuttons are impossible to partially engage the contacts.  The trigger action causes the operator to snap over from one state to the other once engaged past a point of no return.  For safety applications and emergency off/stop applications, this is the prefe...
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  • file image Harmony XB4 metal - pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights dia.22 (pdf) download image`
Instruction sheet
  • file image ZB4B..., ZB5A..., XB4B..., XB5A... Mounting XB4 pushbuttons chromium plated metal bezel and XB5 plastic bezel (pdf) download image`
  • file image ZB4..., ZB5... Mounting XB4 pushbuttons chromium plated metal bezel and XB5 plastic bezel with or without circular yellow legends ZBY9.2., Instruction Sheet (pdf) download image`
  • file image XB4.. / XB5... Mounting, Instruction Sheet (pdf) download image`
  • file image CB Scheme for Harmony XB4 XB5 (pdf) download image`
  • file image XB4B XB5A Control and signaling units (html) download image`
  • file image XB4 XB5 ZBE ZEN ZBV ZAL ZB4 ZB5 ZBZ XD4 XD5 ZBY ZBC ZBD ZBG ZBP ZB2 Control and signaling units (PDF) download image`
Marine certificate
  • file image LR Marine Certificate XB4B XB5A XB5E Control and signaling units, XD4PA XD5PA Joystick Controllers (pdf) download image`
Product environmental
  • file image ZB4BA, ZB4BH, ZB4BL Harmony range, Product Environmental Profile (pdf) download image`

Dimensions Drawings


Mounting and Clearance

Panel Cut-out for Pushbuttons, Switches and Pilot Lights (Finished Holes, Ready for Installation)

Connection by Screw Clamp Terminals or Plug-in Connectors or on Printed Circuit Board

Connection by Faston Connectors

Diameter on finished panel or support
40 mm min. / 1.57 in. min.
30 mm min. / 1.18 in. min.
Ø 22.5 mm / 0.89 in. recommended (Ø 22.3 mm 0+0.4 / 0.88 in. 0+0.016)
45 mm min. / 1.78 in. min.
32 mm min. / 1.26 in. min.

Pushbuttons, Switches and Pilot Lights for Printed Circuit Board Connection
Panel Cut-outs (Viewed from Installer’s Side)

30 mm min. / 1.18 in. min.
40 mm min. / 1.57 in. min.
Printed Circuit Board Cut-outs (Viewed from Electrical Block Side)

Dimensions in mm

30 mm min.
40 mm min.

Dimensions in in.

1.18 in. min.
1.57 in. min.
General Tolerances of the Panel and Printed Circuit Board

The cumulative tolerance must not exceed 0.3 mm / 0.012 in: T1 + T2 = 0.3 mm max.

Installation Precautions

  • Minimum thickness of circuit board: 1.6 mm / 0.06 in.

  • Cut-out diameter: 22.4 mm ± 0.1 / 0.88 in. ± 0.004

  • Orientation of body/fixing collar ZB4 BZ009: ± 2°30’ (excluding cut-outs marked a and b).

  • Tightening torque of screws ZBZ 006: 0.6 N.m (5.3 lbf.in) max.

  • Allow for one ZB4 BZ079 fixing collar/pillar and its fixing screws:

    • every 90 mm / 3.54 in. horizontally (X), and 120 mm / 4.72 in. vertically (Y).

    • with each selector switch head (ZB4 BD•, ZB4 BJ•, ZB4 BG•).

The fixing centers marked a and b are diagonally opposed and must align with those marked 4 and 5.

Printed circuit board
Mounting of Adapter (Socket) ZBZ 01•

  • 1 2 elongated holes for ZBZ 006 screw access

  • 2 1 hole Ø 2.4 mm ± 0.05 / 0.09 in. ± 0.002 for centring adapter ZBZ 01•

  • 3 8 × Ø 1.2 mm / 0.05 in. holes

  • 4 1 hole Ø 2.9 mm ± 0.05 / 0.11 in. ± 0.002, for aligning the printed circuit board (with cut-out marked a)

  • 5 1 elongated hole for aligning the printed circuit board (with cut-out marked b)

  • 6 4 holes Ø 2.4 mm / 0.09 in. for clipping in adapter ZBZ 01•

Dimensions An + 18.1 relate to the Ø 2.4 mm ± 0.05 / 0.09 in. ± 0.002 holes for centring adapter ZBZ 01•.

Technical Description

Electrical Composition Corresponding to Codes C9, C11, SF1 and SR1

Electrical Composition Corresponding to Code C15

1 N/O

1 N/C

1 N/O + N/C or 1 N/O + N/O or 1 N/C + N/C


Single contact

Double contact

Light block

Possible location

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