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Vijeo Citect Control Client license 75 points

Range of product
Vijeo Citect
Product or component type
Range compatibility
Unity Pro

Vijeo Designer
Product compatibility
Vijeo Designer 4.6

Unity Pro 3.0

Unity Pro 3.1

Unity Pro 4.0
Software designation
Vijeo Citect control client license
Number of points
Type of license
Control client
Software version
Operating system
Windows XP Professional

Windows Vista Business and Enterprise Edition

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7 Business and Enterprise Edition

Windows Server 2003
  • What are the installation requirements for Citect SCADA 2018?


    What are the the software and hardware requirements for Citect SCADA 2018?

    Product Line

    Citect SCADA


    Dependent on system's number of I/O points
    Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2


    Please see the attached <> starting in Chapter 4 (page 44).

  • What are the different Citect versions supported with Citect Anywhere?

    Vijeo Citect – Supported Versions

    Citect Anywhere Server supports connection to the following versions of Vijeo Citect:
    •          Vijeo Citect v7.20 (SP5a)
    •          Vijeo Citect v7.40 (SP1 and SP2)
    •          Vijeo Citect v7.50 (SP1)
    •          Citect SCADA 2016

  • How do I contact the Schneider Software Support team and what industrial software are supported?

    Schneider Electric has now become the distributor of AVEVA Software in Australia and Newzeland.

    The Portfolio covers Citect SCADA, Wonderware and Clear SCADA products for customers with primary and standard support agreements.

    The new software support team has got decades of experience with industrial software and we look forward to receive your technical enquiries.

    Contact us on:
    Phone: 13 73 28 (13 SEAU)
    Email: software.supportpz@schneider-electric.com

  • Does the PSO pm5000s1 driver support DebugCategory and DebugLevel parameters?

    Power SCADA Operation does not appear to support citect.ini parameters for DebugCategory and DebugLevel, making it impossible to enable verbose debugging at the driver level.

    Product Line
    Power SCADA Operation 8.2 
    PowerSCADA Expert 8.1
    PowerSCADA Expert 8.0 SR1
    PowerSCADA Expert 8.0

    Power SCADA Citect.ini

    The PM5000S1 driver is a legacy driver supporting older versions of PM5000 firmware and it inherits driver parameters from the parent driver (PM5000S).

    Instead of trying to add driver parameters in the citect.ini file for the PM5000S1, simply add them for the PM5000S driver family and both of the PM5000 drivers will log as configured.

  • CitectSCADA Operating System Compatibility - Detailed List

    See the attached spreadsheet for the same informaiton in Excel format:


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    Related ranges: Citect SCADA 7.x

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