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touch panel screen 3''5 Color

Range of product
Magelis STO & STU
Product or component type
Touch panel screen
Software designation
Vijeo Designer
Operating system
Processor name
Display size
3.5 inch
Display type
QVGA TFT colour touchscreen
Display colour
65536 colours
Display resolution
320 x 240 pixels QVGA
Touch panel
Backlight lifespan
50000 hours
16 levels
Character font

Chinese (simplified Chinese)

Japanese (ANK, Kanji)


Taiwanese (traditional Chinese)
[Us] rated supply voltage
24 V DC
External source
Supply voltage limits
20.4...28.8 V
Inrush current
<= 30 A
Power consumption in W
6.5 W
Number of pages
Limited by internal memory capacity
Processor frequency
333 MHz
Memory description
Application memory, 16 MB

Back up of data, 64 kB
Integrated connection type
1 USB 2.0 type mini B

1 USB 2.0 type A

Removable screw terminal block connector power supply

Female RJ45 connector COM1 serial link with RS232C/RS485 interface at <= 115.2 kbits/s
Realtime clock
Access to the PLC real-time clock
Downloadable protocols

Modbus TCP/IP

Third party protocols

Fixing mode
Ø 22 mm hole
Enclosure material

With Schneider logo
98.15 mm
118 mm
55.3 mm
Immunity to microbreaks
<= 10 ms
EN 61131-2

FCC Class A

IEC 61000-6-2

UL 1604

UL 508
Product certifications


UL class 1 Div2 T4A ou T5

Ambient air temperature for operation
0...50 °C
Ambient air temperature for storage
-20...60 °C
Relative humidity
0...85 % without condensation
Operating altitude
<= 2000 m
IP degree of protection
IP20 (rear panel) conforming to IEC 60529

IP65 (front panel) conforming to IEC 60529
NEMA degree of protection
NEMA 4X front panel (indoor use)
Shock resistance
15 gn for 11 ms conforming to IEC 60068-2-27
Vibration resistance
+/- 3.5 mm (f = 5...9 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6

1 gn (f = 9...150 Hz) conforming to IEC 60068-2-6
Resistance to electromagnetic fields
10 V/m conforming to IEC 61000-4-3
Offer Sustainability
RoHS (date code: YYWW)
Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
Reference not containing SVHC above the threshold
Contractual warranty
Warranty period
18 months
  • What is the replacement for the XBTGT1335?


    The XBTGT1335 is replaced by either the HMIGTO1310 or the HMISTU655.  I have attached data sheets for all three units for review and comparison.


  • Can we replace front display module of Magelis STU without re-downloading?

    For Magelis HMISTU655/855, it is possible to replace the front module with HMIS65/85 but for that, you need to reload the Runtime from VJD Runtime Installer and then download the application by changing the target type.

    Here is the procedure to use a front module HMIS85 with a HMISTU655:

    1. Turn on the HMISTU655
    2. Install the Runtime from the VJD Runtime Installer
    3. Turn off the HMISTU655
    4. Replace the front module by the HMIS85
    5. Turn on the “new” HMI
    6. Download the application by selecting the HMISTU855 in VJD build time.
    For new STU with HMIS5T rear module, it works with any front module(HMIS65 or HMIS85) without re-downloading the application.

  • What are the restrictions of Vijeo Designer \'Limited Edition\' (Unregistered)?

    The functions of the Limited Edition product are identical to those of the full product with the following restrictions:
    It is possible to create and simulate an application for Magelis STO/STU, XBTGT/XBTGK/XBTGH/XBTGTW/HMI GTW, Smart, Compact, Flex iPC, PC Panels and PC BOX, but the application cannot be downloaded to a real target except for Magelis STO/STU.
    Simulation is only available using simulated PLCs (offline mode).

    Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL211340 V1.0, Originally authored by GeMc on 05/02/2013, Last Edited by GeMc on 05/02/2013
    Related ranges: Magelis Modular iPC, Magelis Compact iPC, Magelis Smart BOX, Compact PC Box & Flex PC BOX, Magelis XBT GTW, Magelis XBT GK, Magelis XBT GT

  • What Modbus Function Codes are supported on the Magelis that are using Vijeo Designer Runtime?

    What Modbus Function Codes are supported on the Magelis that are using Vijeo Designer Runtime?

    Product Line:
    XBTG/GH/GK/GT, HMIGTO/GTU/STO/STU, Magelis iPC, Panel PC, Box PC



    Below is the Table of Modbus function codes recognized by the Magelis target machine.

    Classes   Function name Function code (hex)
    Basic Read Holding registers 3
    Base  Write Multiple registers  10
    Regular Read Coils  01
    Regular Read Discrete Inputs 02
    Regular  Write Multiple Coils 0F
    Regular Diagnostic 08
    Supplementary services Read Input registers 04
    Supplementary services Write Single Coil  05
    Supplementary services  Write Single register 06
    Supplementary services  Read Device Identification (only for Modbus TC/IP with target machine server) 2B

    By default the target machine uses the function code 10 (FC 10) to write multiple registers.
    However, some devices do not know this function code. When a device doesn’t know FC 10, the
    target machine will automatically use (without any error code) FC 06. In the same way, the target
    machine will use FC 05 instead of FC 0F. In addition, FC 06 and FC 05 will be used if Preferred
    Frame Length is set to Minimum possible.

  • Is the touchscreen digitizer on the Magelis field replaceable?

    Is the touchscreen digitizer on the Magelis field replaceable?

    Product Line:
    XBTG/GC/GH/GK/GT, iPC, iDisplay, Panel PC, Front Panel, HMIGTO/GTU/STO/STU



    No, the digitizer is  not field replaceable and the complete Magelis unit will need to be sent in for repair. Please ensure that you have a backup of the Magelis HMI program before you send in your unit. To arrange for repair please call 1800-468-5342 and use option 2.

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User guide
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Instruction sheet
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Marine certificate
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System user guide
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Dimensions Drawings

Display and Rear Modules

Right Side

Rear Module

Right Side

Display Module

Right Side

Mounting and Clearance


Panel Cut-out Dimensions

C (mm)

C (in.)

D (mm)

D (in.)













NOTE: With the tee option, the rotating torque that can be supported by the display module is 6 Nm (53.10 in-lb).

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