How do you set the IP Address for the bmxnor0200h module?

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Setup of the IP Address for the BMXNOR0200H

Product Line
Modicon x80

Unity Pro

In Unity Pro, first configure the BMXNOR0200H module in the PLC rack.
1. Open the PLC Bus view.
2. Right-click on an empty slot and select New Device.
3. In the Part Number column, expand Communication folder to see the available modules, including the BMXNOR0200H.

Next create a new network by selecting the Network Folder under the Communication folder. Right click the Network folder and select to create new Network.
In The configuration screen, check the folowing elements:
1. Model Family: Select the model family for configuration. BMXNOR0200H Family
2. Under Security tab  enable the HTTP and FTP capability
3. Module IP Address: Enter into this field the module IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway IP Address (if used).
4. Validate your changes

Finally, link the newly created network to the interface on the BMXNOR0200H module.
Rebuild your Unity program.
Transfer the new program to the PLC CPU.

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