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kit of 2 removable connectors - spring type - for M340 power supply module

Range of product
Modicon M340 automation platform
Accessory / separate part designation
Kit of 2 removable connectors
Accessory / separate part type
Accessory / separate part category
Connection accessory
Accessory / separate part destination
M340 power supply modules
Connections - terminals
Spring type terminals
Product compatibility



Kit composition
One 2-way terminal block

One 5-way terminal block
Product weight
0.015 kg
Contractual warranty
Warranty period
18 months
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • How do you set the IP Address for the bmxnor0200h module?

    Issue Setup of the IP Address for the BMXNOR0200H Product Line Modicon x80 Enviroment Unity Pro Resolution In Unity Pro, first configure the BMXNOR0200H module in the PLC rack. 1. Open the PLC Bus view. 2. Right-click on an empty slot and select New Device. 3. In the Part Number column, expand Communication folder to see the available modules, including the BMXNOR0200H. Next create a new network by selecting the Network Folder under the Communication folder. Right click the Network folder and select t...
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  • What cabling options are there available for the bmxdao1605 ?

    Title What premade cables are available for use with the BMXDAO1605? Issue   Product Line Modicon M340 Environment   Cause   Resolution For the BMXDAO1605, the only cabling option has a pigtail of wires on one end and a 20-way connector on the other end.  Here are the available part numbers based on the length of the cable: BMXFTW301 -  3m BMXFTW501 -  5m BMXFTW1001 -  10m    
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  • How the events are stored in the event buffer of bmxnor0200 Modicon x80 module

    There are two modes of events storage  1. Store All Events  Here all the events are stored untill they reach the limit of storage which can be set by user. If still the events are coming they get lost. There is one option called \' Delete the oldest events \'  if selected then the FIFO strategy is implemented in the event buffer. if this is not selected then the additional events are lost. 2. Store only recent events Here only the recent event for the data point is stored , so if ...
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  • Is it possible to access the files on a Modicon m340 8mb or 16mb memory card with a Linux PC or a MAC?

    Title M340 SD Card file access   Issue File access on SD Card for M340 CPU   Product Line M340   Environment Unity Pro   Resolution No, Only Window based operating system can access the M340 memory card.
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  • Wrong 140cpu53414b file delivered with CD OS V2.5 for UnityPro V3.1

    Goals and Symptoms If you want to upgrade a Quantum Plc from Concept to Unity, you have to use a intermediate OS before loading the UnityPro OS. For the 140CPU534B is delivered a wrong intermediate OS. Facts and Changes UnityPro V3.1, CD OS V2.5 Causes and Fixes A usable intermediate OS is available on [email protected]: Modicon Quantum / Software/Firmware / 140CPU53414B firmware upgrade for Unity users, Version V2.32, 15 Jun 2007. The intermediate OS for V2.32 \'concept_to_unity_53414b.bin\' can also ...
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  • file image Catalogue Modicon X80 Automation platform - English version 2018/07 (web pdf format) (pdf) download image`
Instruction sheet
  • file image BMXXTSCPS10 & BMXXTSCPS20 coding Keys, Read me first (pdf) download image`
End of life manual
  • file image Modicon M340 Modules, Product End-of-Life Instructions (pdf) download image`
Marine certificate
  • file image RMRS_Marine Certificate_Modicon_M340_M580_X80_PLCs (pdf) download image`
  • file image BV_Marine Certificate_M340-M580-X80_PLCs (pdf) download image`
Product environmental
  • file image Modicon M340 Modules, Product Environmental Profile (pdf) download image`
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