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regulated SMPS - single phase - 100..240 V input - 12 V output - 100 W

Range of product
Phaseo Dedicated
Product or component type
Power supply
Power supply type
Regulated switch mode
Rated power in W
100 W
Input voltage
100...240 V AC single phase

120...370 V DC
Output voltage
12 V DC
Power supply output current
8.3 A
Operating position
Any position
Vibration resistance
2 gn (f = 9...150 Hz) conforming to EN/IEC 61131-2

3.5 mm (f = 5...9 Hz) conforming to EN/IEC 61131-2
Name of test
Conducted interference conforming to EN 61000-4-8 level 4

Conducted/radiated emissions conforming to EN 55022 Class B

Conducted/radiated emissions conforming to EN/IEC 55011

Electrostatic discharges conforming to EN/IEC 61000-4-2 level 3

Emission conforming to EN/IEC 61000-6-3

Induced electromagnetic field conforming to EN/IEC 61000-4-6 level 3

Primary outage conforming to IEC 61000-4-11

Radiated electromagnetic field conforming to EN/IEC 61000-4-3 level 3

Rapid transient conforming to IEC 61000-4-4 level 3

Surge conforming to EN/IEC 61000-4-5
Input voltage limits
85...264 V
Network frequency
47...63 Hz
Inrush current
<= 50 A at 115 V AC

<= 100 A at 230 V AC
Cos phi
> 80 %
Power dissipation in W
25 W
Current consumption
0.7 A at 240 V

1.7 A at 100 V
Input protection type
Integrated fuse (not interchangeable)
Output voltage limits
10.8...13.2 V
Line and load regulation
+/- 3 %
Holding time
>= 10 ms at 100 V

>= 40 ms at 240 V
Output protection type
Against overload, protection technology: 1.1...1.5 x In

Against overvoltage, protection technology: tripping if U > 1.25 x Un

Against short-circuits, protection technology: automatic reset

Connections - terminals
Screw type terminals for ground connection, connection capacity: 1 x 4 mm² AWG 12

Screw type terminals for input connection, connection capacity: 2 x 4 mm² AWG 12

Screw type terminals for output connection, connection capacity: 4 x 4 mm² AWG 12
Mounting support

Reversible mounting bracket
Operating altitude
2000 m
Output coupling

Overvoltage category
Meantime between failure [MTBF]
> 100000 h at 40 °C
Status LED
1 LED green for output voltage
Product weight
0.64 kg
Product certifications

CSA 22-2 No 60950-1

TUV 60950-1

UL 508


Environmental characteristic
Low frequency harmonic currents conforming to EN/IEC 61000-3-2

EMC conforming to EN 50081-1

EMC conforming to EN 50082-2

EMC conforming to EN 61000-6-3

EMC conforming to EN/IEC 61000-6-2

Safety conforming to EN/IEC 60950-1

Safety conforming to SELV
IP degree of protection
IP20 conforming to EN/IEC 60950
Ambient air temperature for operation
0...45 °C without derating factor

45...60 °C with derating factor
Ambient air temperature for storage
-25...85 °C
Relative humidity
20...90 %
Overvoltage category
Class I conforming to VDE 0106-1
Pollution degree
Dielectric strength
1500 V between input and ground

3000 V between input and output

500 V between output and ground
Contractual warranty
Warranty period
18 months
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • What is the replacement for abl1rem12050?

    Nearest eqivalent will be part number ABL1RPM12083 For reference please follow the below link, https://www.schneider-electric.com.au/en/product-range-selector/782-phaseo-abl1/?p_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ops-ecat.schneider-electric.com%2Fecat%2Fbrowse.do%3Fconf%3Dnull%26el_typ%3Dproduct%26range_id%3D782%26prd_id%3DABL1RPM12083%26scp_id%3DAU_en
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  • What is the maximum amount of Phaseo power supplies that can be paralleled together?

    The Maximum power supplies that be coupled together is two devices. The potential voltage needs to be equal before connecting together.   1569140_01A55.pdf
    Read more

  • Do we have Protection recommendation of the Phaseo ABT7, ABL6 Transformers

    See the below link for reference. The Protection recommendations are supplied from Page 7.  https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_Reference=DIA3ED2170403EN&p_EnDocType=Catalog&p_File_Id=6826836960&p_File_Name=DIA3ED2170403EN.pdf
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  • Can the Phaseo DC power supplies be back fed to go from DC to AC?

    Issue: Looking for a transformer or power supply to convert DC to AC Product Line: Phaseo ABL8 Power Supply Environment: Phaseo Power Supply Cause: Will backfeeding an ABL8 DC power supply allow DC voltage to convert to AC? Resolution: No, these are not intended to be used in this manner.  A DC rectifier will need to be used
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  • What is the replacement for Dali LineController Power Supply DCP12/60?

    The replacement is Phaseo Universal Switch Mode Power Supply, and the Part Number is ABL8DCC12020. Modular Single-Phase Power Supplies (auto reset) Input voltage, 50 Hz: 100...240V AC (1) Output Voltage: 12V DC Nominal Power: 25 W Nominal Current: 2 A Please click the link https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/product/ABL8DCC12020/converter-module-24-w---24..28.8-v-dc%2C-12-v-dc---2-a---for-regulated-smps to download the datasheet for more info.   Phaseo_Universal_ABL8DCC12020.pdf
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  • file image Phaseo Power supplies & Transformers (pdf) download image`
  • file image Phaseo ABL1 Regulated switch mode power supplies from 2.5 to 10 A for repetitive machines (pdf) download image`
Instruction sheet
  • file image ABL1... Regulated switch mode power supplies, Phaseo Dedicated (pdf) download image`
  • file image FEED BOX PS 100 240V 12V 100W PFC SWITCH (zip) download image`
  • file image FEED BOX PS 100 240V 12V 100W PFC SWITCH (stp) download image`
  • file image CSA_Certificate_ABL1_ABL7_ABL8 (pdf) download image`
  • file image TUV_Certificate_ABL1RPM24042_ABL1REM24042_ABL8RPM12083 (pdf) download image`
  • file image Phaseo KC Certificate ABL1RPMxxxxx (pdf) download image`
Declaration of conformity
  • file image Phaseo DoC of ABL1RxMxxxxx (pdf) download image`
  • file image RCM_SupplierDeclarationOfConformity_ABL1_ASI (pdf) download image`
End of life manual
  • file image ABL1R•M•••• Regulated switch mode power supply, Product End-of-Life Instructions (pdf) download image`
Product environmental
  • file image ABL1R•M•••• Regulated switch mode power supply, Product Environmental Profile (pdf) download image`

Dimensions Drawings


Dimensions in mm







Dimensions in in.







Mounting and Clearance


Mounting Way
Mounting on Vertical Plane

Mounting on Horizontal Plane

Direct Mounting by 2 M4 x 20 Screws

Dimensions in mm



Dimensions in in



Mounting on the Back on ABL 1A01 Reversible Bracket by Three 4 mm Diameter Screws

Mounting on ABL 1A02 Clip-on Mounting on 35 mm Rail

Mounting by the Back

Dimensions in mm





Dimensions in in.





Connections and Schema

Internal Wiring Diagram


Series or Parallel Connection
Series Connection

Parallel Connection

15 A/100 V Shottky diode

Performance Curves

Derating Curves
Mounting on Vertical Plane

Mounting on Horizontal Plane

Load Limits Curve

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