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Unity M1E processor - RS232/485 - Ethernet - USB - I/O bus - global data

Range of product
Modicon Momentum automation platform
Product or component type
Product compatibility
Modicon STB I/O
Integrated connection type

USB port
Transparent Ready class B
Web services
Ethernet statistics

Home pages

CPU status


Bandwidth monitoring
Software designation
Unity Pro
Communication service
Modbus messaging 125 words, 200 I/O message per second

Global Data, 2200 I/O message per second

Modbus TCP I/O Scanner and Messaging
Processor name
Spear 320s
Word length
32 bit
Supply voltage limits
4.75...5.25 V
Clock frequency
333 MHz
Star Modbus TCP

Multidrop Modbus
Communication port protocol
Modbus RS485/RS232 1 RJ45 19200 bps 2-wire

Modbus TCP Ethernet 1 RJ45 10/100 Mbps twisted shielded pairs cable CAT 5E UTP
Method of access

Control parameter
CRC-16 for Modbus

CRC-32 for Modbus TCP/IP
1...247 Modbus

Unique IEEE global address Modbus TCP
Fail state
Safe I/O mode
Memory description
Program memory IEC 3584 kB

Program memory LL984 3584 kB
Register words
I/O limit processor capacity
2048 inputs/2048 outputs
Number of devices
32 Modbus
Exact time for 1 Kinstruction
83 ns
Local signalling
1 LED red I/O module fault (I/O)

1 LED yellow channel 0 operating (CH0)

1 LED green data rate (ETH 100)

1 LED green processor running (RUN)

1 LED green status of Ethernet network (ETH STS)

1 LED red processor or system fault (ERR)

1 LED green data rate (ETH LINK)
Current consumption
500 mA at 5 V DC
Module format
Product mounting
35 mm symmetrical DIN rail
60.6 mm
144 mm
53.47 mm
Product weight
0.163 kg
Dielectric strength
0 V not isolated RS485/RS232

5000 V for 1 minute Ethernet
Product certifications

CSA C22.2 No 142

EN/IEC 61131-2

UL 508
IP degree of protection
Shock resistance
15 gn during 11 ms sinusoidal vibrations
Resistance to electrostatic discharge
6 kV contact conforming to[pace]EN/IEC 61131-2 zone B

6 kV contact conforming to[pace]IACS E10

8 kV on air conforming to[pace]EN/IEC 61000-4-2
Resistance to electromagnetic fields
15 V/m 80...2700 MHz conforming to[pace]EN/IEC 61000-4-3
Ambient air temperature for operation
0...60 °C
Ambient air temperature for storage
-40...85 °C
Relative humidity
5...96 %
Operating altitude
<= 2000 m
Offer Sustainability
Sustainable offer status
Green Premium product
RoHS (date code: YYWW)
Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
Reference not containing SVHC above the threshold
Product environmental profile
Product Environmental Profile
Product end of life instructions
End of Life Information
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Which networks are supported on the Modicon Momentum by Communication adapters

    The following networks are supported by Modicon Momentum Communication adapters Communication adapters for Ethernet TCP/IP 170 ENT 110 02 Transparent Ready Class A10 170 ENT 110 01 Transparent Ready Class B20   INTERBUS SUPI 3 170 INT 110 03 Twisted Pair 170 INT 120 00 Fibre optic   INTERBUS I/O bus SUPI 2 170 INT 110 00 Twisted Pair   Profi bus DP 170 DNT 110 00 DeviceNet 170 LNT 710 00   Modbus Plus 170 PNT 110 20 170 PNT 160 20 170 NEF 110 21 170 NEF 160 21   Fipio 170 FNT 110...
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  • Where can I obtain technical support and information for Modicon Momentum PLCs?

    Documentation for Modicon Momentum PLCs can be found at the link below: Momentum PLC For technical support on Modicon Momentum PLCs please call 800-468-5342 option 1. Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL210194 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 01/03/2013, Last Edited by MaTh on 01/03/2013 Related ranges: Other protocols
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  • dia6ed1040904en 3/2005 - Momentum Catalog Contains Incorrect M1E Processor Adapter Descriptions

    Goals and Symptoms The purpose of this resolution is to inform users of Momentum PRODUCTS that an error exists in the processor specifications of the Distributed I/O and Control Modicon Momentum flexible system for distributed I/O and control catalog, part number DIA6ED1040904EN, published 3/2005. Causes and Fixes In the 'Selection Guide' on page 8, the description for the M1E Processor Adapters, as shown in the following, is incorrect: The following table is the correct description of t...
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  • What is the transmission speed of data on a Momentum IObus network?

    Title Momentum IO bus network speed Issue   Product Line Modicon Momentum Environment IO Bus network Cause   Resolution Data is transmitted at 500 kbits/s on an IObus network.
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  • Can the Modbus port on the terminals of the 170adm54080 be used to program the Momentum CPU?

    Title 170ADM54080 Modbus port programming Issue   Product Line Modicon Momentum Environment   Cause   Resolution No, this port is a Modbus Master RS485 port designed to communicate to MCC (motor control center) devices which only have a small amount of data available.
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User guide
  • file image 171CBU78090, 171CBU98090, 171CBU98091 Processors - Momentum for Unity Pro, User Guide (pdf) download image`
  • file image Unity Pro - Operating Modes (pdf) download image`
  • file image Hazloc_cCSAus_225844_70159012_Momentum_feb2018 (pdf) download image`
  • file image EAC_RUCFRME83B00168_MOMENTUM_DEC2014 (pdf) download image`
  • file image CSA_225844_2591646_MOMENTUM_AUG2017 (PDF) download image`
Declaration of conformity
  • file image DCC_MOMENTUM_JUL2016 (pdf) download image`
  • file image ACMA_RCM_MOMENTUM_AUG2013 (pdf) download image`
End of life manual
  • file image 171CBU... Momentum Unity CPU, Product End-of-Life Instructions (pdf) download image`
Product environmental
  • file image 171CBU... Momentum Unity CPU, Product Environmental Profile (pdf) download image`

Dimensions Drawings

Processor and Option Adapter on a Typical Base

Mounting and Clearance

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